Visual Identity Design

Visual Identity Design

Visual Identity Design

  • Logo Design
  • business identity design
  • Social media banner design

Logo Design:

Logo design is responsible for a large part of the first impression of your brand on customers; That's why it's important for this logo design to be professional, clear, and easy to understand that allows it to positively relate to your brand in the minds of your customers. In digits mark , we design and develop logos according to scientific standards according to your field of work, and we provide you with the use of logo, fonts and colors to unify the appearance of the visual identity of your services and products and appear professionally in front of your customers.

Some of our customers' logos in a typeface

Brand identity design:

The business identity represents a cornerstone for building trust, and it reflects the principles and values ​​of the individual or the company. Some logos give a sense of luxury and importance, and others may suggest simplicity and ease of dealing, so it is important to design the business identity in a professional manner that reflects the principles of your business. We provide design service for visual / commercial identity in an integrated manner to give an impression that sticks in the minds of customers in a professional and consistent manner in all paper publications and digital publications.

business identity design

Social media banner design:

We are sure that social media is the most important interface for all companies around the world at the present time and has become part of the digital visual identity of companies. That is why we, in Desline, provide a service of designing banners for all social networks, according to our expertise that conforms to the standards of different networks, and through which we can unify the identity of your activity.

Social media banner design

The way we work at
Visual Identity Design

Discussing the idea

Discussing the design idea and client requirements, and studying logo designs in the field of work.

design stage

Designing the logo and commercial identity and displaying models for applying the design digitally and on paper publications.

Setting goals

The logo expresses the identity of your business and activity, so it is important to determine the goal of the logo for the recipient to design it in the best way.

work delivery

Reviewing and approving the design and delivering work files with high quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions about
Visual Identity Design

I need a logo and commercial identity design, where do I start?
We are here to help you! You can contact us to discuss your project or you can request the service from here
How long does it take to design a business identity?
The time varies according to the requirements, the average time to complete an integrated business identity ranges from 10-15 days.
How much does a business identity design cost?
The cost of design always depends on the requirements and the time required to complete the work, but in total, the cost of designing a visual identity starts from 1,500 to 2,500 Saudi riyals or its equivalent in US dollars.
What are your requirements to start designing?
Fill out the service request form, specify the preferred activity and colors, if any, and you can also attach examples of logos that you liked to inspire the initial design idea.
What does the brand identity design service include?
It included the design of the logo with its uses, the design of all necessary publications, the design of social media banners, the delivery of design files, including the colors and fonts used.
What are the delivery file formats?
After reviewing and approving the design, all work files are delivered in Ai - PSD - JPG - PNG - PDF format
How many revisions for logo design and business identity?
3 logo design reviews, 2 identity design reviews.

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