Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Create and manage Google Ads - Google
  • Create and manage Instagram ads
  • Create and Manage Snapchat Ads
  • Create and Manage Twitter Ads - Twitter
  • Create and Manage Facebook Ads - Facebook
  • Preparing monthly reports

إنشاء إعلانات جوجل - Google

Search engines have the superpowers on the Internet and are the most important factors in business development around the world, as about 5.8 billion searches are performed daily on various search engines, and through the service of creating and managing advertising campaigns, we work to target those interested in your field locally and from all over the world through Our expertise in using the right keywords for each business.

We target your customers through geographical location, interests, age group, gender, type of device used in the search (mobile, tablet or computer) in addition to many filters that facilitate the advertiser to accurately reach the target customer segment, with the ability to allocate a daily or monthly budget To advertise and the possibility of making more than one advertisement at the same time to test the efficiency of the advertisement and choose the best.

Create and manage Google Ads - Google

Create and manage Instagram ads

The power of social media platforms is not much different from search engines, the Instagram platform has more than a billion active users around the world, which makes it an attractive advertising platform, and through our expertise we provide a service of managing advertising campaigns on Instagram in all its forms with accurate targeting of your customers.

Create Instagram Ads - Instagram

Create and Manage Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is the second most popular means of messaging and communication after WhatsApp in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to 2019 statistics, and with more than 14 million users in the Kingdom, the opportunity to advertise is especially attractive for those targeting a younger age group than the rest of the social media user groups.

One of the most prominent advantages of Snapchat is its strength in local advertising, so that it appears on the map among the Snape community, in addition to the ability to apply many filters to reach the specific target group.

Create and Manage Snapchat Ads

Create and Manage Twitter Ads - Twitter

One of the most prominent advantages of Twitter is the possibility of retweeting, which contributes to the dissemination of tweets to huge numbers if the content is attractive or important to the community, and despite the lack of ads on Twitter, a successful advertisement may have a very large resonance compared to other social media ads and we We strive to be your advertisement as well.

Create and Manage Facebook Ads - Facebook

Facebook still sits on the throne of social media around the world in terms of the number of users, and is characterized by low advertising cost with access to all layers of society, in addition to providing many different advertising methods and the possibility of detailed filtering to reach the specifically targeted segment of the advertisement.

Create and manage snapchat ads - facebook

Preparing monthly reports:

Because we believe in the saying “you can’t master what you cannot measure”, we are working hard to prepare statistics about how much you interact with your ads and follow up on daily, weekly and monthly changes through a report that shows all these points about the segment interested in your activity and ads.

The way we work at
Email Marketing Campaigns

Project discussion

Discussing the project and requirements, studying the labor market and competitors’ advertisements on search engines and social media.

Setting goals

Develop a plan to achieve the goals of the advertising campaigns, and determine the advertising budget and platforms to start work

Create and manage ads

Create and manage ads on the search engine and other social media, targeting the required category with the ad.

Preparing reports

Deliver monthly reports showing engagement, visits and costs for each ad with all the important statistics.

Let's market your project and share your success story!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Email Marketing Campaigns

I need a service to create and manage advertising campaigns, where do I start?
We are here to help you! You can contact us to discuss your project, or you can request a service to create and manage advertisements from here
How long is your contract for creating and managing advertising campaigns?
The management of advertising campaigns is carried out on a monthly basis or according to the agreement on the terms of the advertisement in the contract.
How much does it cost to create and manage advertising campaigns?
The cost of advertising management ranges from 500-2000 Saudi riyals per month or its equivalent in US dollars, and the price depends on the number of ads and the number of platforms that will be advertised.
What are the platforms that you can advertise on?
Google - Snapchat - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Pinterest - Linkedin
Can I use the account while advertising it?
Yes, of course, you can use the account and post content or respond to messages normally.
What does the creation and management of advertising campaigns include?
It includes creating advertising campaigns on the required platforms, monitoring and managing ads to get the most revenue, reporting on interaction, visits, cost and effectiveness of each ad.
Is it possible to design and write advertising content?
Yes, we provide the marketing content creation service separately, and it can be added to the service of creating and managing advertising campaigns to design publications, a story or a video for advertising.

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