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website design

We design websites for businesses and individuals to provide their businesses and services in a distinctive way and expand their targeting to the public locally and globally, and we are keen to have all the important features such as its response to different devices.

In addition, we offer a site configuration service for search engines (SEO) within the site design service, in addition to the possibility of subscribing on a monthly basis to create targeted marketing content with targeting some specific words in search engines that work to attract customers interested in our client’s activity and services on an ongoing basis, without the need To work paid advertising.

web design service

e-commerce store design

Designing and creating electronic stores in a modern and responsive manner on all devices, in addition to uploading product images and descriptions, and linking local (such as Mada) and global electronic payment methods (such as PayPal - Visa - MasterCard) and shipping methods with the store to facilitate the purchase process for the visitor and to facilitate sales procedures for the owner the shop.

In addition to configuring the store for search engines, speeding up browsing, and linking the store with analysis tools to follow up on store statistics.


Website Development

We work on developing sites in several aspects, such as developing the current design, adding new pages, projects or articles, speeding up the site, preparing the site for search engines, securing the site against hacking attacks and making regular backups.

web design service

Publish sites to search engines

One of the most important factors for the success of web design is its accessibility. Therefore, we offer the service of publishing sites in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) free of charge to our customers whose sites we designed, and also within the service we link the site with the Google Analytics tool and Google Search Council to follow up on site and visitor statistics and learn more about the segment of visitors interested in our customer’s site.

web design service

The way we work at
Website and store design service

1- Discussing the project

Discussing the project and client requirements, and studying the labor market and competition.

2- Setting goals

Develop a plan to achieve the goals of the site design, and determine the requirements to start work.

3- Website design

Create the design, graphic and text content of the site in accordance with the previous objectives.

4- Design approval

After reviewing and approving the design, we translate the site (if requested), speed it up and configure it for search engines.

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Frequently Asked Questions about
Website and store design service

I need a website, where do I start?
We are here to help you! You can contact us to discuss your project or you can request a web design service
How long does it take to design a website?
The time varies according to the requirements and the size of the site. The average time to complete an integrated site ranges from 15-25 days.
How much does website design cost?
The cost depends on the requirements, the size of the project and the time required to work, but in total, the cost of designing companies and institutions’ websites starts from 4,000 to 15,000 Saudi riyals or its equivalent in US dollars.
What are the requirements for web design?
Fill out the service request form, send the logo and commercial identity files, if any, choose the domain name if it does not already exist, send the main requirements of the site and general information about the institution or company such as (who we are - the most prominent services and products - the most prominent businesses and customers - geographical location - working hours - Contact numbers - and social networking pages, if any).
What is a domain and what is hosting?
The domain is the name of your site, which is the link to the site such as As for hosting, it is where your website is located on the Internet.

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