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  • Organizing festivals
  • conference organization
  • Exhibition organization
  • Organize virtual events
  • Organizing seminars and workshops

Organizing festivals

We plan the event, prepare all operational and technical details, design and implement unique creative spaces for our clients' exhibitions.

organize conferences

We provide comprehensive services for organizing conferences, from providing the necessary technical equipment and equipment to communicating with guests and organizing the entry process for visitors.

Exhibition organization

We plan and innovate in organizing entertainment, cultural, and promotional festivals with the best modern international technologies.

Hybrid event organization

For more flexible and impactful events according to the requirements of our customers, we organize the event on the ground and virtually, according to the highest standards of performance accuracy.

Organize virtual events

We create an innovative virtual experience for our customers and their visitors through our virtual events with technical characteristics and presentation methods that suit the nature of the event.

Organizing seminars and workshops

Organizing and providing technical and operational support for seminars and workshops and enhancing event performance.

The way we work at
Here the world converges to make the event

Project discussion

Discussing the project and client requirements, studying the objective of the conference or exhibition to be held, and determining the requirements for each stage

Setting goals

Develop an action plan to achieve the goals set for the conference, and specify the requirements to start work, including designs, visual identity, printing and artwork.

Create a visual ID for conferences

Services that provide appropriate media coverage through audio, print and new media during the design and implementation of the visual identity of the events, and the creation of a website for the event

Preparing the venue for the conference:

The services of equipping and coordinating the conference rooms from the hall and the main stage where the venue must be suitable for the type and taste of the event in order to provide great meaning and psychological comfort to the audience. We have several platform customization options. Conferences are the best way to increase our clients' reputation.

Media coverage and conference documents:

The importance of this service lies in how you can get media coverage of the event based on the latest, carefully selected and guaranteed to be the best choice for informing the public of the event.

Preparing reports

Develop detailed reports on the conference and exhibition showing what happened during the period through standard measurement indicators

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Here the world converges to make the event

What is the organization of business conferences?
The conference consists of discussion sessions, lectures or workshops, and the materials are reviewed through visual presentations, speeches, dialogue or discussion. The conference may include organizing an accompanying exhibition for sponsors, supporters and collaborators only, and it usually receives media coverage
I need an exhibition organizing service, where do I start?
We are here to help you! You can contact us to discuss your project or you can request an Exhibition management service from here

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Organizing exhibitions and conferences , Events and Technology Solutions