Larid ERP

Larid ERP

Larid ERP

  • What is LARID Accounting Program?
  • Business and activities that need a system to respond


A flexible, cost-effective and advantageous option for enterprises of small, medium and large sizes
Whatever the activity of your facility (service, commercial, industrial, profit or non-profit), the Laird system provides comprehensive solutions for each department of the facility, including financial resources, inventory, warehouse management, human resources, projects, manufacturing, production lines, and more.


Business and activities that need a system to respond

financial management

From small business accounting businesses to feature-rich global financial applications for larger, complex companies, Laird is designed to support your needs today and into the future.

Sales and Purchasing

Quotations, sales orders, inventory management, warehouse and procurement procedures, directly connected with accounts, manufacturing, project accounting and customer service in order to achieve better visibility across the entire organization

For projects and cost centers

Follow up the actual expenses and revenues of internal or external projects. Manage estimated budget, project inventory, and complex billing. Laird allows obtaining reports on project expenses and revenues and comparing actual project expenses with estimates

for human resources

Follow up the attendance and leave of the employees with reading the attendance data from the fingerprint devices. Employee vacations. Salaries with all the definitions required for grants, allowances, deductions, fees, loans, and others

For manufacturing and production lines

Purchasing raw materials included in the production process, defining the composition of manufactured materials from raw materials, defining industrial expenses, and following up on the stock of raw materials through the inventory dashboard. Laird supports typical and atypical manufacturing with high flexibility in defining industrial expenses and adding them to the production line

Automation of work procedures

A flexible, easy-to-use and implementation automation system to enhance control and oversight over all work procedures to help the facility improve its performance, increase its productivity, and provide the best services to its customers by relying on the best technologies, which ensures fewer errors, speed of completion, and less dependence on the human element.

points of sale

The POS application is directly connected to inventory and accounts, and has an easy-to-use interface, fast performance, and exceptional flexibility. It is also connected to a bar code reader. Suitable for malls, restaurants, cafes, sweets shops, libraries and others. The web version of it can be used from any device, including tablets.

electronic archiving

Archive all kinds of files, including Word and Excel files, as well as videos, audio files and images of various kinds. With the ability to view these files, whether they are image files, videos, Word or Excel files, without the need for the presence of the Office program on the user's device or on the server, while giving access to users as needed.

The way we work at
Larid ERP

Ease of designing invoices

The Laird system in its outputs depends on the use of the reporting tool SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Which allows re-designing any of these outputs according to the customer’s need and work requirements, whether it is invoices or others, where it can be completely re-designed and this can be done by the customer himself without the need to refer to the executing company

Business Intelligence Tool

An integrated tool for creating graphs and analytical reports on the performance of the facility and adding new reports as needed. The tool is completely designed to run through the web and from any device without the need for any special requirements on the user's device or server. Use it entirely through the browser

Active alerts system

Send a link to the invoice, price offer or account statement to your customer in the form of a WhatsApp message, telegram or text message

Messages directly to your mobile

Receive messages of all alerts issued by the reply to your mobile directly and through the Telegram application, without any additional cost

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Frequently Asked Questions about
Larid ERP

Is the program compatible with the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce and the Zakat and Income Authority?
Yes, it supports QR Code generation also
Is the program online cloud or must be downloaded to the computer?
There is an online version in the cloud that the user can open from anywhere he wants and from any computer, tablet or mobile device, and in the event of customer requirements, download it on a computer or server. . It can be supplied with a copy of Desktop Application
What sectors are supported by the larid Accounting System?
Supports all commercial and industrial sectors, pharmacies, shipping companies, transportation and hotels, as well as facility management, contracting, property management, retail and points of sale
هل يمكن ربطه البرنامج بالمتجر الالكتروني؟
Yes, of course, it can be linked to your online store to unify inventory and synchronize prices and quantities
هل يمكن ربطه البرنامج بالمتجر الالكتروني؟
Yes, of course, it can be linked to your online store to unify inventory and synchronize prices and quantities
Does the program send reminders to clients?
Yes, of course, it can be linked to the SMS gateway programmatically so that messages are automatically sent to customers on demand
What additional features can be taken advantage of and added?
ميزات التصنيع و الارشفة الالكترونية و ادارة القطاع الزراعي
Can the invoice be modified after it has been posted and exported to the customer?
No.. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce and the Zakat and Income Authority, invoices should not be modified at all

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