Social media offer for dental clinics

Social media offer for dental clinics

  • February offer for dental clinics
  • Terms and Conditions

What is the DIGITS MARK offer for clinics?

Is it professional to do medical advertising on social media? Of course, the answer is yes, for two main reasons:

The presence of the vast majority of the audience on social media platforms for extended periods of time,
And that about 80% of them are looking for medical information
Social media represents an important step in medical marketing for doctors, due to its great role in:

Spreading awareness of the clinic or hospital among the public of patients
Educating and educating patients with reliable medical information and advice
Answering patients’ questions related to diseases, symptoms and available treatment methods
Refutation of medical misinformation spread on the Internet by non-specialists
Facilitate the process of communication between the patient and the medical institution
Building a long-term trusting relationship
That is why we, at DIGITSMARK  have endeavored to spread our expertise in medical marketing for clinics and dispensaries through the February offer of medical complexes in general and dental clinics in particular.


Offer details

This offer includes the following details:

  • Managing one of the social media platforms for the following platforms according to the customer's need and desire:

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

  • Designing a publication calendar for the presentation, consisting of 7 to 9 publications, including:
  1. Writing creative content
  2. and designs needed
  3. Publishing and replies
  4. And provide the client with reports


  • The offer is valid until the end of February, and the customer gets a 25% discount if he wants to contract to manage the account according to the packages we have available.

The way we work at
Social media offer for dental clinics

1- Create a content plan

Defining the mission and basic objectives of the content marketing plan, which is a brief and clear message through which you can focus on the important results that you want to get from marketing

Designs needed

Send the content plan to the design team and choose the appropriate designs

Post scheduling

Scheduling a post on social media means setting a specific future date and time for publishing content to suit the prime time and target audience.

4- Reporting and performance

Providing the customer with a management measurement for each publication

Let's market your project and share your success story!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Social media offer for dental clinics

When does the offer end
This offer is valid until the end of February 2022
This offer includes how many platforms?
The offer includes the management of one platform of the customer's choice
How long is the management period for the platforms during this offer?
Duration ten working days

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